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In Lake City and the Blanche 1911

We are up to writing about 1911 and have come across some interesting tidbits that may not necessarily make it into the book but thought they were very interesting anyway. We apologize for the long time between posts as we have been concentrating on getting all of the research materials before we actually get down […]

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Get Free eBook

For the next couple of days the former Lake City, Florida resident published writer, Linda Bennett Pennell, will be offering the eBook version of “Al Capone at the Blanche”, fiction story for free on Amazon. The sale starts today and goes until July 18th as a presale marketing tool for her new book called “Miami […]

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Gearing Up for Interviews

We hope to begin interviewing people the 1st or 2nd week in March. We have a generic release form that we need each of our interviewees to sign and agree to be videoed. I have a very nice DSLR camera and tripod and a scanner/printer that we will be setting up in one of the […]

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Private Tour of Hotel Blanche

Today we were afforded the opportunity to tour the public areas of the hotel prior to the “Official” renovations that begin soon with the Vice President of IDP Housing (the project’s coordinator), Carter Broun. Check out the website and Facebook page for The Blanche. Please, like and share the Facebook page to show your support. […]