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In Lake City and the Blanche 1911

We are up to writing about 1911 and have come across some interesting tidbits that may not necessarily make it into the book but thought they were very interesting anyway. We apologize for the long time between posts as we have been concentrating on getting all of the research materials before we actually get down […]

Lake City Florida Timeline

Hopping Happenings of 1910

Lake City, the Hotel Blanche and the entire state of Florida was a happening and changing place in the year 1910. Not only are more locals buying cars, car tours and car parties are happening more frequently. The roads are being improved in the hopes of connecting more cities together and bring more people into […]

Lake City Florida Timeline

Highlights from 1908

Right now we are finishing up looking through the newspaper’s records from 1909. This is the last year that the Florida Index is available for viewing on the University of Florida Digital newspaper website. I don’t think they even have any more of the years available on microfilm but I will ask when I make […]

Businesses in the Blanche Block Lake City Florida Timeline Researching Through History

News From 1903

Below are the highlights throughout the year that we thought you might find interesting. We have updated the Hotel Registry Book, the Blanche Employee roster and will create flyers that you can download for some of the notable parties that were held at the Blanche throughout the year. Dr. Goldstein, eye specialist from Kentucky will […]