How to research old documents and where to find information that is too old for digital sources

Historical Documents Researching Through History

Names of the Local Newspapers

We have probably already addressed this information somewhere on this website but thought we would update it a little and give an accounting of what we have found for our fellow historians and researchers out there. This really doesn’t have much to do with the history of the Blanche Hotel but it does shed a […]

Researching Through History

Obstacles to Researching Old Places and Times

Obstacles to researching old places and times can be very challenging. My fellow writers and researchers trying to piece together activities that happened over 100 years again is a pain. I’m just happy I’m not trying to research something older. There are very few papers, pictures or even people around old enough to help out […]

Businesses in the Blanche Block Lake City Florida Timeline Researching Through History

News From 1903

Below are the highlights throughout the year that we thought you might find interesting. We have updated the Hotel Registry Book, the Blanche Employee roster and will create flyers that you can download for some of the notable parties that were held at the Blanche throughout the year. Dr. Goldstein, eye specialist from Kentucky will […]

Historical Documents Researching Through History Share Your Stories of the Blanche

Postponing Personal Interviews

We are going to have to postpone the personal interviews for at least a week or two. Although I haven’t gotten any responses yet from anyone volunteering to go first we need time to get approval from the head librarian before we can set up an Event on the Facebook page. Once we do get […]