Information about historical documents we have used in our research.

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Made It Through 2 Years of Newspapers

I have finally made it through two whole years of newspapers online and at the microfilm machine at the Florida Gateway College Library. I have a standing appointment 4 days a week for the next three weeks for 2 hours a day to try and get through as many reels of microfilm as quickly as […]

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Private Tour of Hotel Blanche

Today we were afforded the opportunity to tour the public areas of the hotel prior to the “Official” renovations that begin soon with the Vice President of IDP Housing (the project’s coordinator), Carter Broun. Check out the website and Facebook page for The Blanche. Please, like and share the Facebook page to show your support. […]

Historical Documents Researching Through History

Experience with Microfilms

Today was my first day researching at the Florida Gateway College Library looking through the microfilms for the back issues of the Lake City Reporter newspapers. Whoa! Took almost an hour to get comfortable with loading the machine, figuring out how the software works and then having to scan every page for references to the […]

Historical Documents Researching Through History

Found the Original Historical Place Application

Cruising the internet for all references to the Hotel Blanche I came across a link to the Department of Interior of the original application to declare the Blanche as a historical building. There are two documents, one with the application which is 32 pages long and another with all the photographs that went along with […]