Found the Original Historical Place Application

Cruising the internet for all references to the Hotel Blanche I came across a link to the Department of Interior of the original application to declare the Blanche as a historical building. There are two documents, one with the application which is 32 pages long and another with all the photographs that went along with it was stamped received December 22, 1989. Reading through the application is very interesting and gives me a list of people to start researching for the book. I mean the building is over 100 years old and has been closed for over 40 years except for the small businesses on the bottom floor. Some of the building was used for storage for a number of years according to a local source until it was determined that the upper floors were too unstable for regular traffic.

We have finally connected to the contractor in charge of the renovations and he has agreed, tentatively, to allowing us into the building to take before pictures at the end of the week. I am putting on my hiking boots, thickest jeans, long sleeve shirt and might even find a hard hat and respiratory mask before we go. If you haven’t had a chance to look at the little video on the sidebar take a look. From the posting, it looks like a kid got into the building to take some pictures but wasn’t very thorough in his filming as we would have liked. Probably because he wasn’t supposed to be in there.

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