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Info From 1901

As we stated earlier we have made it through only 2 years worth of old newspapers and have found a few facts to add to our timeline as well as some other interesting information and some downright dull references here and there. It looks like the papers had someone sitting downtown just making note of people coming and going. And possibly other sources in the local diners and stores just recording when people leave or come back to town. It’s kind of creepy and I am certainly glad they don’t do that anymore. I mean, they needed to be of that “get out there and interviewing people” doing everyday stuff thing. And, I can’t wait for when there are some more pictures posted in the paper to break up all that almost illegible text.

Newspaper articles of when D.W. Brown (That’s David Williard Brown) bought the land the hotel was built on in April 1901.

This is from April 19, 1901, edition of the Citizen Reporter

And this is from the same date of the Florida Index

The next references we could find was when Mr. Brown announces his plans for the land.

From the November 8, 1901, edition of the Citizen Reporter

And then again in the November 15, 1901, edition of the Florida Index

Not too shabby I guess. Until next time.