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Updates To Site and Renovations

We have been taking the summer months off as it is just too darn hot to really get back into the groove of researching and writing. We have made a couple of changes to the website and updated the newspaper offerings to 1910. As we finish them we will add the other years along the way. We hope you will take advantage of our service in your own historical research. We are only charging $2 per month for copies of the newspapers to cover our time in gathering them and to help pay for our expenses in writing and publishing the book.

We keep driving by the hotel every week to check on the progress of the renovations. It seems to be coming right along at a fairly brisk pace. It will still take some months yet so that will allow us more time to get all of our research done before the official opening. We still would like to include stories from former employees, visitors and businesses that were inside the Blanche building over the years. Granted some of the earlier ones will have to come through via their children and grandchildren and pictures would really like to include them in the book, on the website and on the DVD in the future. It will make for a great story and would really like to include you and your family’s stories too.

So, please tell all of your friends and family about our website, Facebook and Instagram pages, join, like share, and contribute what you can. We will be posting more articles and updates more frequently in the coming weeks. And, since, my youngest daughter is enrolled for the fall term at Florida Gateway College there will be more chances for me to get copies of the rest of the newspapers up to 1970s at least.

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If you are enjoying our posts and would like to help us get the book published when we have finished our research
we hope you will consider contributing to our Publishing Fund.