iSell Newspapers

We are offering the Acrobat Reader PDF files of the Newspapers we have been collecting for our research that is only available on microfilm and not available online anywhere at this time. These will help my fellow history researchers as well as genealogists who would like access to records from Columbia County Florida from the years 1902 to 1970.

Please remember that these pages are the best quality available directly from the microfilm source. Some may be a little out of focus, some were faded when scanned, and most were scanned directly from the bound pages so that the inner edges may be blacked out. Each page is in Acrobat Reader Format and zipped together to save space on our server. There is no guarantee about the quality but we have done the best that we can. We will add more as we complete our research for that year. The pages are numbered and dated inside the zipped folder but there is also no guarantee that the page is the actual number from the original just in the order that it was scanned onto the microfilm. We have tried to weed out the duplicate pages and some of the pages were missing from the original microfilm. We make note on each file how many pages were there for that day.

The proceeds from the sale of these newspapers will help us get our history book of the Hotel Blanche published and enable us to give away copies to the hotel, the local library, people who helped us gather information and materials to put in the book and even the local historic society. The pages are not searchable just scalable. You can make them bigger and the letters and pictures will not distort.

Right now we are only charging $2 per month. Your payments strictly goes towards paying for our time and effort of collecting this material, arranging it in order and presenting it for your use and not the for actual newspapers. We have purchased a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional and cleaning up these pages as much as possible and are experimenting with making them searchable. However, quite a few copies are so light that converting them over may not work so well.

Just click on the Year of the newspapers below and you will be taken to another page listing the dates available for that year. You then just click on the BUY button below each title and you will be taken directly to the secure servers at PAYPAL to complete your purchase. Paypal will send you an email with the encrypted download link. If there are any problems with your purchase you can always use our CONTACT US form and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as possible.

Historical Newspapers to Buy
Citizen Reporter 1901 (Available online) Citizen Reporter 1902 Citizen Reporter 1903
Citizen Reporter 1904 Citizen Reporter 1905 Citizen Reporter 1906
Citizen Reporter 1907 Citizen Reporter 1908 Citizen Reporter 1909
Citizen Reporter 1910 Citizen Reporter 1911 Citizen Reporter 1912
Citizen Reporter 1913 Citizen Reporter 1914 Citizen Reporter 1915
Citizen Reporter 1916 Citizen Reporter 1917 Citizen Reporter 1918
Citizen Reporter and Lake City Reporter 1919 Lake City Reporter 1920 Lake City Reporter 1921
Lake City Reporter 1922 Lake City Reporter 1923 Lake City Reporter 1924
Lake City Reporter 1925 Lake City Reporter 1926 Lake City Reporter 1927
Lake City Reporter 1928 Lake City Reporter 1929 Lake City Reporter 1930

We are also offering the service of copying the newspapers onto a DVD or Flash Drive as well. If you want to purchase more than a couple at a time you will be able to purchase a whole year, a couple of years, or even 10 to 50 years at a time.