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For the next couple of days the former Lake City, Florida resident published writer, Linda Bennett Pennell, will be offering the eBook version of “Al Capone at the Blanche”, fiction story for free on Amazon. The sale starts today and goes until July 18th as a presale marketing tool for her new book called “Miami Days, Havana Nights” and is another dual-timeline historical fiction story featuring one of the main characters, history Liz Reams with a new subject of her research gangster Moshe Toblinsky instead of Al Capone. Sounds like it could be a great read just as her first book was.

An excerpt from one of our previous posts:

Which is a fiction book written by a Lake City Florida native Linda Bennett Pennell. She has since moved to Texas and has written two other historical fiction books. We emailed her some questions about the book and she was nice enough to respond with some names of people we should interview. She used most of what she experienced herself and the stories her mother-in-law told her about the Blanche. She was always told the Al Capone, Johnny Cash and other celebrities stayed there on their way down south. We really need to find those old ledger books!

Take advantage of this sale before it ends in just a few days and if you like the writer’s stories we hope you will purchase her new book as well. And if you get the chance check out the writer’s website for more information.


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