Highlights from 1908

Right now we are finishing up looking through the newspaper’s records from 1909. This is the last year that the Florida Index is available for viewing on the University of Florida Digital newspaper website. I don’t think they even have any more of the years available on microfilm but I will ask when I make my trip down there to fill in for the days I cannot read of the Citizen Reporter on the microfilm here at the Florida Gateway College. I don’t think the University’s copies are any better but they may be in better shape as it is unlikely that anyone has viewed them as much as the local copies have been used.

I have downloaded copies through 1913 and will have to resume my schedule at the College next week to get more of them done. I have only managed to get 1 year at a time with the limited about of hours that the library will allow me to use the microfilm machine, although no one has ever been waiting for me to finish, I can’t sit still for more than the allotted time anyway.

In November 1907 we learned that D.W. Brown (The Blanche’s Owner) bought the Lake City Ice Plant from A.O. Mann. the first ad appears in January 1908. All through the year Mr. Brown tries to get the city to allow his plant access to the city water system, instead of the well, (Which was rejected) and advertises for ice bags and sacks.

Feb 28, 2018 – Florida Index
Annie Oakley Came to Lake City to give a shooting demonstration under the auspices of the Union Metallic Cartridge Company and Remington Arms Company sponsored by the local shooting club on the Elks Club grounds.

March 1908 – Citizen Reporter
The W.C.T.U. library name was changed to the Alpine McCormick Library in memory of one of its patrons Mrs. C.G. McCormick.

May 15, 1908 – Citizen Reporter
“The city automobile (that is to say the road roller) is about to leave us on an evangelistic change to Fernandina or somewhere in that direction. The city is going to sell it for $2,000 and devote what is received to the payment of what is due on the machine. It was fired up last week and Supt. Reeves and an agent enjoyed a very pleasant excursion on it though they omitted extending invitations to their lady friends to go with them.

July 3, 1908 – Citizen Reporter
N.J. Parrish, the photographer, took a photograph of the eclipse at its fullest stage on Sunday. It is interesting and instructive and everyone who takes an interest in astronomy should have on of these photographs for preservation, which can be obtained from Mr. Parrish at his residence on Hernando street, near Mrs. Chaulker’s; and those desiring to see how the eclipse looked through the camera can see one of the photographs at this office.

August 21, 1908
It is said that 13 persons have been injured within a short time past on the Santa Fe river using dynamite to kill fish.

The cases of five persons charged with using dynamite in the Sante Fe River to kill fish came up before Judge Ives this week and were continued. The statute specifies: if any person or persons shall throw or cause to be thrown into any of the waters of this State any dynamite or other explosive whatsoever for the purpose of killing the fish therein, shall be fined for each offense not more than $100 or confined in the county jail not more than 60 days.

August 21, 1908 – Citizen Reporter
There are now two moving picture exhibitions in the city – one uptown in the Futch building, the other downtown, the first being exclusively for white people, the later fixed with two divisions, one for white people and other for negroes.

September 4, 1908 – Citizen Reporter
Some of the municipal rats have been feasting on the property of the United States government in the post office. It has been found that the government allows provision for cats and Assistant Postmaster Perry has been appointed the committee to see that the office is well provided with cats. For this purpose sealed cats will be received during the next thirty days and others may be brought to the general delivery window and handed in for civil service examination.

September 4, 1908 – Citizen Reporter
Updated telephone list posted by the Citizen Reporter. Sadly, it is very difficult to read.

September 4, 1908 – Florida Index
Representative Wanted
We want a representative to handle FORD Automobiles in Lake City and vicinity. Live hustler, with or without previous experience, can easily clear $2,000 in season. Write with reference at once. Ford Motor Company, Dept 4, Detroit Michigan.

December 4, 1908 – Florida Index
The Ocala National Forest, recently created by proclamation of the President, contains 201, 480 acres. The Florida forest, the first to be aside by the government east of the Mississippi, has an area of 201, 408 acres, one-fourth of which has been taken up under various land laws and is well adapted to the production of forest growth.

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