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While at the Florida Gateway Library last week I noticed an older gentleman with an office inside the library. On my way out I went by to see what the name was on the door. Oddly enough it had a sign that said he was an American History professor. Today, I noticed that his light was on in the office and I took a chance that he might be from around here. Mr. Noah Lindsey was the former college librarian and occasionally teaches a history class. Below is a summary of our little talk.

Interview with Noah Lindsay 03/07/2018
FGC Former Head Librarian and current part-time American History teacher.

He came here during the early 1960s. He was told that the hotel was being closed down and he had to stay at least one night. He says he didn’t see any ghosts and the room was just a hotel room. He thinks he was on the 2nd possibly the 3rd floor on the northside wing. He does remember having a connecting bath. Mr. Lindsay said his doctor, Dr. John Howell, had an office on the bottom floor of the Blanche.

His fondest memories were of the going to the barber shop and the men’s clothing store called Bruce’s. The former owners were Tommy Ives and his wife Patty Bruce Ives. We should look up Mrs. Ives and speak to her and the former Presbyterian minister James Montgomery who is staying with them. They will have quite a few stories to tell.

Mr. Lindsay also remembers that many people went to the Blanche for Sunday dinner. He went there on several occasions to listen to the musicians playing there. Some of the names he remembers are Tony Bezella, George Hudson, and Alfonso Levy. Sadly I couldn’t find any information on the first two by Dr. Alfonso Levy, noted musician and educator, passed away in 2011. I will keep searching for more information about bands and musicians who have played at the Blanche. It will make a great addition to the history.

He was able to confirm for me that the Corinth community is not just a church but an actual place north of Lake City between 41 and 441 going towards White Springs. That is where the Goodbreads and Black families had their “country homes”. Dr. Charles Ozaki (Nettie Black Ozaki) might be able to share some stories with us about the Blanche. He was at one time the pediatrician for Lake City and his wife the former president of the Columbia County Historical Society.

Getting off to a good start just have to remember to take a picture next time. I have also created a flyer to hand out to everyone I talk to from now on. You can download a copy for yourself and share it with your friends.

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