1911 to 1920

Towards the end of this decade the Citizen Reporter became once again the Lake City Reporter in May of 1919. When you purchase a month’s worth of these historical newspapers you get 4 to 5 weeks worth of newspapers to download, read, enjoy or even use in your own research for the low price of only $2 per month.

We can make arrangements to upload to our secure cloud account account 1 or more years worth of newspapers or burn them to DVDs should you prefer that method. The cloud share account can only be accessed by you and will only be available for 1 week after purchase for downloading then the files will be deleted and the link no longer active. If you prefer the DVDs we are burned them in regular file format separated into folders by year and month and should be accessible for any Windows computer with a DVD player. It will take at least 3 to 5 days to mail them to you. Please remember that we are not responsible for the content provided we can only say that we made the best copy of each page and in the order it was presented as we could for that issue.

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Citizen Reporter 1911
Citizen Reporter 1912
Citizen Reporter 1913
Citizen Reporter 1914
Citizen Reporter 1915
Citizen Reporter 1916
Citizen Reporter 1917
Citizen Reporter 1918
Citizen Reporter and Lake City Reporter 1919
Lake City Reporter 1920

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