1902 to 1910

The Citizen Reporter was the premiere newspaper of Lake City, Florida during this time period. They did have a competitor in the Florida Index. You can access the Citizen Reporter for 1901 online for Free on the University of Florida’s digital newspaper website. They also have most of the copies of the Florida Index from 1899 to June 1909 and only two other issues from 1913 and 1916. Which is a shame as the copies that are available are in great shape and it would have been nice to have another resource of information at least until they folded their doors sometime in 1918.

Although each of the newspaper editors only had so much material to print each week they did manage to report on things the other didn’t and for the cross overs you did get a slightly different perspective on events. The Florida Index was the first newspaper to regularly publish the goings on the black community for about a year during this time period which may have been a first for a non-black newspaper to do. There was a fierce battle between the two newspapers to gain paying customers but it seems the Citizen Reported editor had more leverage than the Florida Index and won most of the counties printing contracts. We may have to do a more in-depth posting later on comparing the two newspapers if anyone is interested.

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