Corporate or Business Sponsorship

Corporate and/or local Columbia county businesses wishing to sponsor our project please read.

Our website is set up to place your ads in specify places and can be clickable directly to your business website. We will also be able to run short commercials in the sidebars. We would be happy to add your company’s logo to the back cover of the book when it is published and can add a short commericial onto the DVD at the beginning and end of the movie. We will also stop all generic ads from being posted to the website except those of our sponsors. Of course, we will include your company name, website address and/or logo on all of our promotional materials at all of the book signing events that we plan to arrange and/or attend over the course of a year after the book is published. We would also be happy to mention your sponsorship in every interview we hope to be doing on radio, television and newspapers.

Please remember we are in no way affiliated with IDP Housing (the company renovating the Hotel Blanche) at this time. We have created this online resource, writing the book and creating the DVD because it is a great project and should be done. Of course, since the Blanche Hotel has been designated as a Historical Building by the Department of Interior begs that some kind of historical book should be written. There are no books written about the hotel, the managers over the years, the employees and all the social events held within the Blanche anywhere that I have been able to locate. It will be a unique book and DVD that we hope everyone in Columbia County, in Florida, heck in the whole U.S.A. would want to buy and perhaps emulate with their own small-town historical buildings.

Should you wish to get in on the ground floor of this unique opportunity and have your company’s name, logo, and commercials shown to every single person who reads the book, plays the DVD and visits our website please contact me directly through our email: jolene dot macfadden at theblancheahistory dot org

Please include the contact person’s name and phone number so that we will be able to return your call promptly to set up an interview time should you need more information.

How Your Sponsorship Dollars Will Be Spent

  • Marketing and promotional materials for the Book and DVD.
  • Consistent and informative social media posting over the next 12 to 18 months to gain more followers and interest in the book and DVD including sponsor information.
  • Publication costs associated with the book publishing including professional books covers, layout and printing.
  • Creation and publication costs associated with getting the DVD created and published.
  • Arranging book and dvd promotional events in four or five key cities in Florida (Lake City, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tallahassee and perhaps Orlando) coordinating with each of the local Historical Societies and Chamber of Commerce in the counties to ensure healthy attendance of each of the events.

Download Our Corporate Sponsor Proposal